Monday, August 9, 2010

Spotlight: Lisa Hobbs

The third installment in our series to help you get to know our team members is with Lisa Hobbs. Team members were asked to share what they are most excited about as well as what they are most nervous about:

I am so thrilled to be part of the mission trip to Nigeria! I am excited for the experience and all that I will learn from everything I do and each person I meet. I am equally excited to share my experience with my family, my friends and Nativity. I am so thankful that I have such an incredible support system from the NATIVITY:NIGERIA Home Team, my family and amazing husband, and my co-workers - everyone is doing my job while I am away so that I can take on a new role for these 2 weeks.

As a mother of 3 small children, I am nervous that I will miss enjoying our summer vacation trip and all of the memories they will create. But I know that all of my love and energy will be put to use as I help I any way I can to be present in the lives of those I meet in Nigeria. I am most excited not to have to juggle my sales job with my home job and always trying to find a perfect balance - which is a struggle especially during the summertime. Everyday in Abuja I am completely committed 100% to the task at hand and whatever Sister Oresoa needs us to do. I know that through the power of God all things are possible!

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Anonymous said...


God bless you for your possitive attitude and unfeigned willingness to serve God and His children. I learnt you made a great goat meat dish. Bring some back (lol)

We love you and look forward to seeing you back soon.