Monday, August 2, 2010

And We're Off!

The last two days have been a whirlwind of final preparation, goodbyes, hugs, packing and checking and rechecking things. Yesterday, the team received a blessing from the parish at the end of 10:30 AM Mass and met briefly in the late morning.

This morning, the whole team woke up early and got over to Nativity by 6:30 AM. They had some bagels and coffee (artichoke parmesan cream cheese and strawberry cream cheese by request) and got themselves loaded into two vehicles to head down to DC. The team was joined by parents, friends, staff members, Home Team ministers, and a few past participants. After loading up over 300 lbs of vitamins, everyone's cargo, and some odds and ends, the team was ready to push off. As rain started to fall, all twenty(ish) people gathered in prayer: "we ask You for courage and guidance, that we may do Your will and that our hearts may be broken."

The team made it to Washington - Dulles airport safely and all of the luggage and boxes of vitamins checked through painlessly. They got to New York - JFK on time and are now on their way to Abuja. During the flight from Washington to New York, Sister Oresoa from Anawim Home called and express how excited she is that the team is on its way and that she will keep them in her prayers. Next time the sun rises, the team will be in Abuja.

1. Anawim Team (L-R): Rob Devereux, Christy Oberst, Brian Crook, Lisa Hobbs, Nick Shearman
2. Lisa, Rob, Christy, and Nick boarding their flight to Abuja in New York.
3. Nick, Rob, Christy, and Lisa headed to their gate in Washington, DC.
4. Anawim Team and supporters gather in prayer before departure
5. Rob talks over travel plans with members of the Home Team
6. Nick loading up luggage
7. Gathering everyone together as the sun rises
8. Bagels and crazy cream cheeses team breakfast
9. Nick doing more of the heavy lifting
10. Rob gets boxes of vitamins ready for transport to DC

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