NATIVITY:NIGERIA is committed to partnering with Faith Alive Hospital and Anawim Home to provide reliable sources of clean, fresh drinking water. The video and photos above show one of the boreholes at Anawim Home Orphanage in Abuja. One of the orphanage's boreholes has been repaired and another dug to provide water to the Sisters, children, and young mothers. We've also sent additional funds to repair and clean the entire water system at Anawim, which includes several wells, tanks, and pumps. Working with Sister Oresoa and Anawim Home, NATIVITY:NIGERIA has also been able to provide a borehole at the Anawim Home site in Kaduna, a satellite home directed by the Sisters for the mentally ill.  NATIVITY:NIGERIA has partnered with Dr. Chris Isichei and Faith Alive Hospital on a series of boreholes throughout Jos. These will serve the hospital, its satellite clinics and a nearby village where the hospital has committed to starting a school.

NATIVITY:NIGERIA has begun the drilling of new boreholes for clean water at Faith Alive Hospital in Jos, a satellite clinic of Faith Alive Hospital in Bakin Kogi, and Hwol Yarje village. These boreholes will be completed in the next few months and will provide clean, drinkable water to the patients and residents in all three locations. The borehole and latrine at Hwol Yarje has begun serving the community. This is a continuation of NATIVITY:NIGERIA's ongoing commitment to provide clean water to Faith Alive Hospital and Anawim Home and will be the fourth, fifth, and sixth boreholes completed by the team this summer. Thank you for your continued support!