Friday, October 9, 2009


Christianna came to the Anawim home in Gwagwalada in the spring of 2009 when she was pregnant with her baby, Joseph. She is one of triplets, and it was her two brothers who helped her to make the decision to come to Anawim. Christianna’s faith and spirituality are truly remarkable. Watching her during Mass, daily prayer, and simple daily activities can be described in no other way but moving. She does everything with God, for God, and by God, and she does it with conviction.

At age 19, Christianna is a single mother who sees much hope for the future, for both her and Joseph. Her thirst for knowledge about anything and everything is apparent after only a short conversation with her. She aspires to go to school and finish her education, and she also has hopes for her son to become a priest.

Her numerous remarkable qualities do not end there. She is also a source of strength to the other young mothers and all who meet her- she is intelligent, well spoken, and incredibly loving. She has a way about her that makes all who come in contact with her feel welcomed and appreciated. Her presence in this world and in our lives is a truly gift from God.

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