Monday, May 5, 2014

First Fruit Farms

Each year, our teams serve together for a day with one of the local nonprofit organizations in our area. This allows the team to bond together, learn more about the needs of our own community, and support a cause central to our Baltimore brothers and sisters. Teams always find this to be a fun and formative experience, in preparation for our time serving with our Nigerian partners.

This year, our team served with First Fruit Farms, a local nonprofit ministry dedicated to growing fresh vegetables and fruit to help feed the hungry of Baltimore. The farm, now stretching over 100 acres of rich farmland, relies on volunteers each year to provide 1.4 million pounds of fresh produce annually to Maryland food banks. Our team had a great day, paint the farm's cattle fence with a preservative tar coating and preparing the farm for this summer's harvest.

NATIVITY:NIGERIA Serving at First Fruit Farms

Painting First Fruit's Cattle Fence

N:N Local Service Day

Megan & Katy
Kelsey & Jess