Saturday, October 17, 2009

John Bosco

John Bosco is a tough little boy who lives at the Anawim home in Nigeria. He is built like a little linebacker for American football. I didn’t realize how tough he was until Sister Orsoea told us his story. John Bosco’s mother is one of the mentally ill at Anawim. His mother was at the orphanage when she gave birth to him. When he was born, John Bosco’s mother wouldn’t let anyone touch him or get near him. His mother is also a very strong woman. As an infant, his mother would take John Bosco down to the river to wash him. In freezing cold water. The sisters at the Anawim home feared for John Bosco’s life, but could do nothing physically to stop her from doing this. She apparently didn’t let anyone else touch John Bosco until he was old enough to walk. Now when the other children at Anawim get sick, which happens to children from time to time, John Bosco doesn’t. Sister Orsoea claims that he never gets sick. She thinks his immunity was built up as an infant. He is so full of energy, one day while playing soccer he was playing goalie. He did cartwheels to pass the time when the ball was on the other side of the field. He is a very kind little boy that doesn’t say too much at times, but is chocked-full of life. John Bosco has lived at Anawim his entire life.

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