Thursday, August 6, 2009

Work & Hospitality in Kaduna

Just got word from the Anawim Home Team in Abuja via Becky Zawodny. They have significantly limited access to internet, therefore their updates are somewhat more scattered. However, she filled me in that the team is just finishing the second day in Kaduna (about an hour drive from Abuja) where the Sisters of the Poorest of the Poor are starting another children's home. Rob Devereux and Alex are working on some basic construction and painting of the new wings of the home. It seems as though everyone has been playing with the children during most afternoons and they even visited a traditional village and chief's home. The team is supposed to be working in Kaduna for three days, but that could always change. Also, she mentioned how hospitable all of the sisters have been throughout their time at the home. As Becky said: "I told Sister that I like cucumbers and now whole ones seem to find their way to the dinner table each night!"


JT said...

Rob, I hope you know that you and your teammates are in our thoughts and prayers every day. As we receive news about your latest activities we are filled with joy because we can just imagine that the gifts you have shared with us so often are now being shared with your newfound friends in Nigeria. Many blessings my Friend.

Donna Devereux Mosher said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you make this phenomenal journey of faith and offering. Mugsy and I miss you and can't wait for your return. I am sure the stories and pictures will be wonderful. Be safe my Son.....I love you.