Thursday, August 20, 2009

Refreshing & Harvesting Ideas

Well, all of the luggage is back! I've heard that there was some mixed sentiment about being given back a 50lb bag of dirt laundry; as one team member put it: "delta can just keep it." Both teams are taking some time this week to readjust to the lives they left two weeks ago as well as refresh themselves physically and emotionally. Most of the team has either returned to work or are preparing to go back to school in the fall, but there is a great fire and passion coming from all of them. Everyone seems to want to tell their story and the stories of the people they met and worked with over the last few weeks. Also, the ideas are flowing. Big ones and small ones. Look for some awesome stories and pictures to be posted in the next few days on here. Also, the teams will be back at Church of the Nativity this weekend and are more than willing to chat about everything that they did and saw. The week after, there will be a larger presentation welcoming them home and planting the seeds for some huge projects we are going to be doing this fall!

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