Saturday, August 8, 2009

Garden Eggs & the Zoo

From the Anawim Home Team via Alex & Becky:

Today started with Sister telling everyone that she had a "surprise" for the team. Anyone who knows Sister Oresoa knows that this could be anything, anywhere. However, Sister took the team to see the zoo in Kaduna! No word yet on what animals they saw, but they all seemed to be thrilled at this chance to relax and see some of the sights of Nigeria. The conversation ended with them asking me to "google" the food "garden egg" for them. Alex, having traveled with the team last year, had some idea as to what they were but nobody was quite sure. After some research, I discovered that they are actually a member of the eggplant family. In Nigeria, they are small and green with stripes, and look almost like tiny watermelons from the outside. However, having bitten into one like an apple in the past, they taste much more bitter. Another great cultural experience! The team will be traveling back to Abuja tomorrow and will be working in the schools and orphanage there for the remainder of their time in Nigeria. According to Alex & Becky, the team is getting along great. The conversation was short but we wanted to pass this along to all of you. More to come from both teams soon!

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Unknown said...

Just home from mass--lots of parishoners were talking about all of you and the great work you are doing. A few pictures made it up on the big screens at the start of mass. I had the opportunity to chat with Tony and Kevin about their Mr. Mom duties...both are doing great!

Thanks for the detailed and insightful postings and great pictures. I feel like I'm sharing in your experiences and it's so awesome to see you sharing your gifts.

Blessings, Pam