Saturday, August 1, 2009

Amazing Universe

On the morning of departure we have one more installment in our summer series about the members of each team. This one is about Rob Douglas, a member of the Faith Alive Hospital Team:

I have had a busy summer - though no vacations as of yet. I started the summer running the Maryland Half-Marathon. It was great - very hilly, but beautiful. I had never done that before, and now I am running all the time to prepare for the Baltimore Marathon in October!

On top of that, I work on the Hubble Telescope, and we have had a very busy summer. As you may have heard, there was a Shuttle mission to repair it, and now we are calibrating it in order to take even more amazing photos of this amazing Universe we live in. And to top it off - the Astronauts came and visited us so we could say "Thank you".

Other than that, I have been getting ready for this trip to Nigeria. I am excited. I have never been anywhere like it. But I feel drawn to Africa, that somehow we are all connected. I hope I can help connect you all with the people of Jos.

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