Friday, November 1, 2013

Mary's Story

We received this beautiful story today of Mary, a longtime resident of Anawim Home in Abuja. It serves a testimony to the restoring and life-giving work of Anawim Home. We join our Nigerian partners in celebrating the wonderful work that God is doing through their community, and continue to pray for the provision and protection of our brothers and sisters there.

Mary was an orphan, and had struggled her whole life to have access to even just the basic necessities. She had a baby girl out of wedlock, in 2006. Her boyfriend, and the father of her child, denied Mary and her baby, and she was left to raise the child on her own. After just two short weeks, she could no longer cope with taking care of the child. Mary decided to drop her baby outside of Sacred Heart Parish, hoping that someone would see the child and take her into their home. She hoped that someone would be able to care for her child, in ways that she could not. The Missionary Sisters for the Poorest of the Poor worship at the parish, and heard the baby crying as they left morning mass. Luckily, other parishioners of the church caught Mary as she was attempting to run away. The sisters brought Mary and her daughter to their community, and cared for them both. At Anawim Home, Mary was taught tangible skills and was soon enrolled in school. Today, Mary completes her education, and receives her certification as a qualified school teacher. Her daughter is enrolled in the Anawim Infant Jesus Academy School. Both are doing well, and are living example of God's eternal mercy.    - By: Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Okwoli

Mary Celebrating With Sister Elizabeth and Her
Daughter After Receiving Her Teaching Certificate

Mary and Her Daughter, 2013
Mary's Daughter, found by the Anawim Sisters in 2006

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