Thursday, November 29, 2012

Greetings from Anawim

Today we received pictures and a warm greeting from our partners at Anawim Home. Sister Oresoa and the residents of Anawim send their love to the entire NATIVITY:NIGERIA community. We continue to keep our partners in prayer, seeking God's peaceful protection and blessing during this difficult time.

The Children of Anawim Home's Infant Jesus Hostel

Children of Anawim Home - baking pastries

Children of Anawim Home - feed fish at the Anawim fish pond

Mary & Martha - the two newest members of the Anawim community

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fast With Us

As you may remember, members of the Nativity:Nigeria family participated in a water-only fast in support of our Nigerian partners this past August, leading up to an exciting event: "Shagali: Partners in Prayer". And now, this prayerful and enthusiastic expression of solidarity will continue on...

The first Thursday of each month, the Church of Nativity community will participate in a water-only fast. (Water only means you still eat whatever you would, but must refrain from drinking any beverages other than water for the day.) The exciting news is that our partners at the communities of Faith Alive Hospital and Anawim Home will also be fasting during these Thursdays.  We continue to pray for our partners throughout the region during this difficult time of conflict and turmoil.

To read more about our prior fasting efforts, check out other blog posts here.
A reminder of this on-going fast will be posted here to the blog each month, and on our Facebook page.