Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sister Oresoa Selo Ojeme

It all started in the year 1994 when Rev. Sr. Oresola Selo Ojeme, or as we called her Sister Oresoa, saw the need to attend to the hopeless and helpless. She saw a need to help the poor, the elderly, the orphans, and the homeless in her local community. She helped people regardless of their sex, class, race, color or religion. The Anawim homes that she leads, aim to restore the human dignity of the poorest of the poor in their society. Sister also helps the destitute and young women with unwanted pregnancies. This process includes clothing them, feeding them, sheltering them, nursing them and rehabilitating them to be productive work force in the society and reconciling them with their families and with God. They also try to settle orphans and abandoned children in homes that can foster them, with the goal of adoption. These people are driven to the street not only by the economic situation of the country that is getting harsher and harsher but also by other factors which includes disabilities, death of their families, and frustration of many to educate themselves. Sister is quite a firecracker, which helps her to get a lot accomplished. She was extremely kind and welcoming to us during our visit and left quite an impression on those that went. She has a vision to help as many people as possible, and now leads three Anawim homes in Nigeria. She gives, and gives and gives all in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Normajean said...

thankyou sister for your commitment to God's treasures of His church. asked christy to give you a hug from me! thanks for also looking out for the nativity team while they are there. i know they will be helped even more than the help they give.
God bless you!
normajean oberst