Friday, August 14, 2009

A Big Dream

From Teresa Pompa of The Faith Alive Hospital Team in Jos:

As I walk down the mainly dirt roads full of trash and see the houses that are no more than shanties and the children wearing mostly soiled clothes, somehow I can still see beauty. I see Jesus Christ here and that is because of Faith Alive Hospital. Faith Alive wants to be more than a hospital, even more than a physical building. They believe in helping people physically and spiritually. People travel for hours and hours to arrive at Faith Alive. That is why Faith Alive is now focusing on reaching out to surrounding remote areas.

Faith Alive has a big dream. The dream started with Dr. Chris and it is growing. Our church has a big dream also and our church is growing. I see the similarities of Faith Alive and our church in having a divine vision, I don't think it is a coincidence that our church is involved here at this place and at this time. Faith Alive believes strongly in helping people to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They know that their children and youth are the future. The sooner they receive a good education and a firm foundation to build a relationship with Jesus Christ the stronger and healthier their country will be. Most people outside of Faith Alive don't even have clean water or electricity. They live in mud huts. Faith alive has a big dream---a very big dream.

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