Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday in Abuja

Just talked to Becky at Anawim Home for a brief moment and she said that the team is doing great now that they got some rest and all of their luggage. Sarah & Becky visited a hospital today and everybody has been spending lots of time with the children in the afternoon (take a look at some of the other things they have been doing in the post below). They have done some research on our potential future projects including the "superb" potential for water and educational growth at the site of the school. Echoing a sentiment we seem to hear a few days in each year, she closed by letting us know that the food has been "an exciting cultural experience."


Unknown said...

Love all of the pictures--it's so exciting to see you all over there doing great work already. Stay safe and know I'm praying for you and thinking of you!

Pam, Home Team

Sue said...

Becky, Sarah, and Danny,
It was so great to finally get to talk to you this afternoon! We miss you a lot. You sounded so excited and I can tell you have embraced your mission there, and immersed yourself in life in Abuja. I am so proud of you and your servant hearts; God will do great things through you!

JT said...

Rob, glad to hear that your bags finally caught up with you and that your team was able to get a little rest. Knowing you, you were ready to get going the minute you arrived. You are missed, but I so appreciate your willingness to be present to others. You and your teammates are blessed! Have a great day.