Monday, August 17, 2009

Back in Baltimore

Rob Devereux with his family.

Danny & Becky with Mrs. Sue.

Family mayhem!

Ed King & his grandchildren.

Both teams flew back into BWI this morning. Although a little tired, all were excited to see their families. The rush to make the connection at JFK was described to me as "something out of Home Alone" by Rob Devereux. Although none of their bags made it due to the quick turnaround in New York, everyone was thrilled to be reunited with their families. Although, there was certainly some sad sentiment about leaving Nigeria as well. As one person said "I kind of just wanted to sneak away and stay longer." As we said in the previous post, stay tuned for huge and awesome things that are going to be coming from this team this fall.

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Unknown said...

Welcome home...who needs dirty laundry anyway!! It looks like you guys had an amazing trip and got as much or more in return as you gave. Thank you for your giving spirits. I can't wait to hear and read more.