Friday, August 6, 2010

Spotlight: Christy Oberst

The second installment in our series to help you get to know our team members is with Christy Oberst. Team members were asked to share what they are most excited about as well as what they are most nervous about:

One of the things that makes me most excited about this trip to Nigeria is the culture and community we will be immersed in. I know the culture shock could make some nervous, but I want to feel all of those emotions associated with it. I have neither been out of the country nor experienced anything remotely close to what I am about to in these two weeks. The people I will meet, and the connections that will be made are some of the most thrilling prospects of the trip for me. I would be lying if I said I was not excited for all of the cool fabrics and other presents I will be bringing home for my family and friends. I recently also got a really nice camera so hopefully I will have a ton of beautiful pictures to bring back.

My parents have been very supportive but they are also nervous about a lot of things, especially the crime. For some reason, that is not what I am most nervous about. I am concerned about the food and getting sick. I am taking a ton of medicine with me so hopefully that will be kept to a minimum. My girly side comes out when I say I am scared about the bugs, but hopefully it will be a type of systematic desensitization experience if there are a lot. When I tell people that we may be going to a facility for the mentally ill, they tend to get scared for me. I am very anxious, both the good and the uneasy definition of the word, to go there. Maybe it is the Psych major in me that wants to actually experience another culture's take on mental illness. I cannot believe the trip is less than a week away. I am truly blessed to even be able to go on such a journey and be staying with such wonderful people.


Eileen & Neil Pohlhaus said...

Thanks Christy for your open and honest sharing about the trip. That makes your going even more authentic and sacrificial. We will all learn a lot from your experience and get to learn a bit more about God's love for all of us, the ultimate in sacrifice. Keep trusting (even if there are bugs...!)and give yourself a hug and all of the others for us. Give those kids another hug, too. Lots of love, Aunt Eileen & Uncle Neil

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your openness to new adventures in spite of any misgivings, Hope you are having fun and learning too. Give our love to all the children you are serving over there.

Stay safe. Eat well. (Eat some real pounded yam for me). Stay hydrated

See you back home in a couple of weeks. We all love you and we are praying for you.


Jonny said...


Hope everything is going well and from the updates it seems that you are meeting some very interesting and awesome people.

Keep it up and stay safe! Good job! I will be praying for you!

Big Bro Jonny O

Unknown said...

Hey Christy

Mom just sent a message but not sure if it got to you. We did not see it show up. Anyway here's a version from me with mom by my side. We should have had you go to Africa when you were little after we knew you were afraid of fuzzies. We are happy you are doing well. You and the team are in our prayers daily. We love you very much and say hello to the sisters, mothers and children. Give the little ones a hug from your mom and dad.

Unknown said...

hey christy, you know i'm computer challenged...just want you to know pop said "he didn't know yammy could write so well!" also i told him you will teach the kids the "double pump"! another country to love love you sweetie! am praying big time for all of you!
love, mom xo

Jackie said...

Hey Chris!

I wonder what you're doing riiight now...being that it's 6 hrs later than here, you must be laying under a net, passed out from all the hard work you've been doing. Hopefully there's not a huge bug on your back like in 'Land of the Lost.' ;) (Speaking of which, we need to see that new Will Farrell movie when you get back) I bet you're having an amazing, life-changing experience and I wish I was with you to enjoy every second. You're in my thoughts and prayers every day, and I can't wait to hear all about your travels, encounters, and missions with the sisters. I'm so proud of you!!! Have fun girl! Take care!

Love you always,
Your big sister,

Anonymous said...

Hi Christy,
Luke, Lizzy and Aunt Janet and Uncle Rick want to tell you how proud we are that this is your first venture out of the country---one that seeks to serve others rather than self! You are amazing.
Luke would love to hold a bug...send a photo of one! We are keeping you in our prayers and know that God is using you in a special way and using those you meet to touch you in a special way for His purposes. He is incredible! Love you lots!