Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On the Ground

The team landed safely in Abuja around 4AM EST (9AM Abuja time) on a direct flight from New York - JFK. The flight was only about half full so everyone had their own row of a few seats and was able to get some sleep. They met Sister Oresoa and Dr. Chris in the airport and headed off to Anawim, about a 30 minute drive from the airport to the small town of Gwagwalada. Leaving the airport, the road is a small highway, which then gets even smaller when you reach the Lokoja Expressway to head out to Gwagwalada. At intersections there are Nigerians selling everything from bread and eggs to phone cards and flashlights. The van pulls off the main road, down an embankment, and off into the brush a few dozen yards to the walled compound that is Anawim Home. Everyone took some time and got settled into their new home for the next few weeks before having their first taste of Nigerian food with Sister Oresoa. Now off to see what God has in store for today...

The team has been in contact with our team in the States and appreciates all of the words, notes, and tweets. Thank you for your continued prayers and support

- Compiled from information provided by Rob Devereux, Anawim Home Team Leader.

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