Monday, August 9, 2010

Just What I Needed

Today the team took on some more responsibilities since most of the Sisters have left for retreat. After teaching in the school during the morning, Rob, Brian, and Nick played with the boys in the afternoon, while Lisa and Christy worked with the young mothers. After a meal of fish stew, okra soup, and pounded yams, Sister Oresoa offered to take everyone to the market. She wanted to find some food that was a little more normal for the team and they succeeded in finding the equivalent of Ramen noodles. Needless to say, they stocked up for the next week. In the early afternoon, Sister Oresoa and the team called and spoke to the staff at Nativity. She exclaimed "let them stay two more weeks!"

After dinner, the team received letters that friends and family had written them in the weeks leading up to their trip. The team was overwhelmed by the letters of support and Christy described it as "just what I needed." They wanted to express how much it meant to them and how much energy it is giving them heading into the second week. Rob said that "to know everyone is behind us is amazing and it gives us all the more strength we need right now." The relationships that are building are incredible and God continues to unfold his plan for this trip. The team has great chemistry, and we all have each others backs. There have been some great laughs and with these letters - now some tears. The second week is off to a strong start and the journey continues tomorrow. "God bless everyone at home."

- Compiled from information provided by Rob Devereux, Anawim Home Leader & Brian Crook, Anawim Team Member and Church of the Nativity Director of Missions.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you are doing there. We love the updates. Keep them coming. We are praying for you.

Looking forward to seeing you all back soon.