Friday, August 6, 2010

Back from Kaduna

This morning the team slept in just a little bit (7:30 AM) in Kaduna and then went to Adoration and Mass with the Sisters. Some of the vitamins and medicine was left with the Sisters in Kaduna for the young children there. They took some time and went through the markets of the town and met with the Bishop of Kaduna. He was the first to sponsor Sister Oresoa and her work 15 years ago. This afternoon the team heads back to Gwagwalada as some of the Sisters will be leaving for retreat this evening. Along the way, Sister Oresoa pointed out some sites on which she is building as well as potential future sites for other arms of her ministry.

- Compiled from information provided by Brian Crook, Anawim Team Member and Church of the Nativity Director of Missions.


Anonymous said...

I dunno...7:30am seems A LOT different than 4:30am... please keep those updates coming - we are hanging on every word!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are all adjusting well. The jet-lag, early mornings, foreign food, foreign language and culture, dusty roads, mosquitoes, and all.

Yes, keep the updates coming.We are all praying for you all.