Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kids in Kaduna

We had a wonderful morning at Mass and then with the children at school. Today we traveled north to Kaduna to visit the mentally ill and we were amazed to see the protective wall and borehole completed. The wall was built by Nativity this spring and now the location is completely safe and secure. It provides freedom and protection for all of those at the Anawim satellite site. We arrived at the Anawim site in Kaduna and were greeted by all of the small children. After dinner we had all of the little children (there are 6 kids under 4 years old) on our laps and in our arms laughing and smiling. What a GREAT way to end the day!

- Compiled from information provided by Lisa Hobbs, Anawim Team Member.


Kathleen Leslie said...

Thanks for all of the updates!


Kathy D said...

Hey, Lisa!

I was hoping to hear from you. Give those little ones a hug from me.