Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mary Anne Fisher

I joined Nativity 7 years ago, and have never had been as involved in a church before until I came to Nativity. I wanted to meet more people, and joined a small group, as well as started working in the cafe. After three years of working in the cafe, I felt compelled to help on the Nativity:Nigeria mission. I had been hearing about the NN mission, and more importantly, the Holy Spirit was guiding me in this direction. I've never had this experience before (at least consciously) and realized that this was part of what Father White had been talking about in his homilies for going deeper in our faith and commitment of discipleship to others.

Last year, I was part of the Home Team and how amazing it was for me to see the great things the missionaries did in Abuja and hear about their life-changing experiences. And, I'm looking forward to seeing their work again in Jos and Abuja.