Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jess Brown

I am currently an Interdisciplinary Biology and Psychology major at Loyola University Maryland. I enjoy being involved on campus, participating in service activities and competing as a member of the Swimming and Diving Team. In addition, as the oldest of four, I love working with children and building relationships as a diving coach. God has opened another door for me as I enter my senior year of college and begin applying to nursing school. I feel called to be a part of the Nativity:Nigeria mission to hopefully have an impact on at least one more child at Anawim.

I am looking forward to this unique opportunity to immerse myself into an unknown society of people, to open my eyes to God’s work, and to bring back a powerful story to my home community. I hope that my experience in this mission trip will expand my knowledge of marginalized people, especially those victimized by poverty and disease, so that I might better serve in my future profession and ministries.