Wednesday, July 15, 2009

J&J Steps Up

A great story through the words of one of our ministers, Dr. Gin Gin: "Pharmaceutical companies like makers of Tylenol have donated medicines for other countries in need and package them intended for medical missions. About 6 or 7 wks ago, I requested free Tylenol samples that I was hoping I could put in our vitamin drive. When I followed up with a phone call, apparently the order was not put in so I asked the customer service person what they do for donations for mission trips and she directed me to this organization. That was a blessing after all! When I saw that they have OTC (over the counter) medicines already packaged and all. It also included toothbrushes and bandages that are made by Johnson and Johnson. " They are sending us two large boxes of supplies which should be arriving in the next week. Check it out at:

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