Friday, July 31, 2009

Faith Expressing Itself Through Love

With less than a day until our departure, we are sharing with you the final few summer reflections from our group. This one is from Marina Lynch, a member of the Faith Alive Hospital Team:

It is so hard to believe that I will be departing for Africa is just a few days. This summer has gone by even faster than in years past. Knowing this, I made a concerted effort to savor every moment. My family and I just recently returned from our annual trip to Walt Disney World.
Each trip is special and nostalgic of years past, as I often reminisce of the changes the children have made since our first visit in 2000. What first started out as an 18 hour car ride, with two toddlers and a baby has now grown into stroller-less late nights and fast flights. Where did the time go? It is bitter- sweet at times but I treasure all the memories with such joy. Looking back at the years past, this verse came to mind.

“ The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Galatians 5:6

When my children were much smaller, their bedtime routines would last for hours. It was a marathon event every night beginning at 5pm and lasting some nights until 9. I found myself many a night waking up in their beds with books scattered around me. Our nights consisted of long baths, lots of stories, prayers and the most precious discussions of God. We would talk about where we saw God in our day and share about the kindness we have witnessed in others. I would often get a litany of examples of goodness that they have bestowed on to others as well. I would remind them often that God reveals himself most perfectly in the love we have and feel for each other and in the love that we give.

When we love, we give freely, without expectation or reward. When we can truly love with out condition, we acquire compassion and humility and in turn, we know the heart of God more intimately. This has been my experience. As the scripture above states “faith expresses itself though love.” God is love and his love for us is expressed though the grace of Christ on the Cross. There is no greater love than this. For this gift of love, I am blessed and because I am blessed, I feel responsible to share Christ love and in doing so I feel a joy unlike no other.

My journey in faith has taken me down many roads. I have gotten lost from time to time, but the destination is always the same. The detours and roadblocks have given me strength to seek different paths and to learn from my mistakes; inevitably steering towards Christ, my destination. Now I find myself approaching the start of another journey in faith, to a place called Africa, to a destination called “Faith Alive.” What I desire to gain from this course, is not yet fully realized I am sure; but my hope is to bring hope, grow in compassion, understand the body of Christ more intimately, share my joy in the gift of salvation, so that ultimately, that joy in salvation may bring peace to all those who have little.

My prayer is that everyone involved in this ministry at home and abroad will be blessed with a greater understanding of love and service. More importantly, that the knowledge we receive from this mission will help in the service to those at Nativity and beyond. I am in awe of each and every person I have gotten to know in this ministry. Each one of you has a great purpose. I am excited to see where this journey will take you.

Many blessings.


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Mickeymouse said...

Marina, I'm sure you'll leave your beautiful smile on the hearts of those you serve in Nigeria. May you have a blessed trip. My prayers are with you and the whole Nativity team.
God Bless, Miki