Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dinner and Prayer with Pastor Ben

In his most recent post on the Church of the Nativity Missions blog, Faith Alive Hospital Team Leader, Brian Crook reflects on a dinner with Pastor Ben and praying for the community. The full post is available here. He writes:

"One evening at Faith Alive, Pastor Ben came to have dinner with our team at the guest house. We stumbled onto the topic of spiritual battle. Pastor was telling to us how diligent he and Faith Alive are about praying for Dr. Chris, his leadership, and especially protection from the devil. Ben said that because the Gospel is relatively new throughout Africa -- he is the first generation of Christians in his family -- the Church is fighting a more intense and often more tangible battle with evil. This really opened our eyes to one of the most remarkable aspects of Faith Alive: the faith of the community and how it's... well, alive!"

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