Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Retelling Stories

"The team visited a few of these sites one morning. I don't know what kind of picture forms in your mind when you think about the five of us going into these rooms to give out rice and soap, but try to picture fear and anxiety, ghastly smells and dingy, dark places. As we pulled up to the third location to give out the last of the rice, Sr. Oresoa turned to Francis and said, 'Do you remember this place?' A chill ran down my spine. "Here is where I found you," she said. "Here is where I saved your life."

Above is an excerpt of a new blog post from Anawim Team Member and Church of the Nativity Director of Missions, Brian Crook. You can find the rest of this post and more reflections on his blog. You can also find the link to this blog on the left side under "Partners."

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