Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clean Water in Hwol Yarje

NATIVITY:NIGERIA has made the final arrangements to begin the drilling of a new borehole for clean water at Hwol Yarje, a village where Faith Alive Hospital directs a school just outside of Jos. The community, some 500 people and growing, is in dire need of a clean source of water. The only source is a shared stream that runs through the farmland. It is a kilometer walk to and from the stream for the villagers. Everyone carries as much as they need for the day from this stream that is also used for water for the livestock as well as all other daily living needs.

NATIVITY:NIGERIA will also be providing a series of latrines at this site for use by the men, women and children. Working with the school teachers, sanitation has been incorporated into the daily curriculum of all students. This includes the necessities of hand washing, using potable water, and personal hygiene. Faith Alive Hospital will also be providing adult education for members of the community.

This borehole and latrine are part of NATIVITY:NIGERIA'S ongoing commitment to provide clean water to Faith Alive Hospital in Jos and Anawim Home in Abuja. This will be the sixth borehole completed by the team this summer.

Find more information on these projects on the Water page. Thank you for your continued support!

For more information on Hwol Yarje, please take some time to view the links below:

A short video shot by NATIVITY:NIGERIA teams, which shows the stream currently serving the Hwol Yarje community as well as the children who live there, is available here.

Some more details regarding, including more pictures and how Faith Alive Hospital got involved in the community, are available here.

A reflection entitled "Love Story" about the children of Hwol Yarje, written by Dr. Gin Gin Diokno upon her return from Faith Alive Hospital in August of 2009, is available here.

Journal entries and pictures from Rob Douglas, Greg Strouse, and Teresa Pompa about their day at Hwol Yarje during the summer of 2009 are available
here and here.

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