Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sister Oresoa & Sister Felicia Visit Nativity

Yesterday evening, Sister Oresoa and Sister Felicia joined past Anawim Home Team and Home Team members for coffee and fellowship at Church of the Nativity. Some people had seen Sister just a few weeks ago and some had not seen her in a few years so this was a great opportunity to share stories and memories. Sister's energy radiated through the room as she made her way through the crowd.

Sister Oresoa and Sister Felicia will be joining us at Church of the Nativity this Sunday, October 17th for the 9AM and 10:30AM Masses. Please join them in Cafe Vista after both Masses if you would like to meet them.

1. Anawim Team member, Lisa Hobbs introducing her children to Sister Oresoa.
2. Rob Devereux, Anawim Team Leader, catching up with Sister Felicia.
3. Sister Oresoa and Sister Felicia talking with Brian Crook, Church of the Nativity Missions Director and Fr. White, Pastor at Church of the Nativity.
4. Sister Felicia, Dr. Chris Isichei, and Sister Oresoa on set discussing the partnership between Church of the Nativity, Anawim Home, and Faith Alive Hospital.

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Erika said...

Wonderful! May I get a copy of the video with Dr. Chris in it?