Saturday, March 23, 2013

Borehole Project

NATIVITY:NIGERIA is blessed to be supporting a project with our partners at Faith Alive Hospital to construct two new boreholes. These boreholes will enable the communities of Andaha and Fobur, Nigeria to readily have access to a supply of water, and specifically enable the staff of Faith Alive Hospital at these two satellite locations to better provide for the areas' medical needs. The boreholes will be constructed by installing a vertical pipe casing and well screen to extract water from the ground and prevent contaminants such as sand and sediment from entering the water when pumped. Although readily accessing water is a convenient and simple process for us here, it often requires Nigerians to walk several hours to a well or river which is miles away. These boreholes will make a huge impact in the lives of hundreds of people within the communities of Andaha and Fobur.

The borehole project began this week, and is already making great strides. The team at Faith Alive Hospital plans to finish the project in the next few weeks, completing both the construction and dedication of the two boreholes before the rainy season begins in Nigeria next month. Stay tuned to the blog here for updates and pictures as the project progresses.

To hear more about boreholes we have sponsored at our partner communities of Faith Alive and Anawim Home in 2009 and 2010, check out the videos and posts linked below.

Clean Water in Hwol Yarje, a water well constructed in 2009 in Hwol Yarje, a village outside of Jos, Nigeria where Faith Alive directs a school for the community's children

Clean Water in Abuja, a water well constructed for the Anawim Home community in 2010

N:N team member Adrienne Brooks using the borehole at Anawim Home

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