Friday, July 25, 2008

Mountains of Medicine & Bundles of Bears

Last night the team sorted and packed hundreds of pounds of vitamins, medicines, toys, and supplies. We filled boxes and boxes with containers of things for both the hospital and the orphanage. The outpouring of support from the parish has been tremendous and we continue to receive donations from around the country.

One of the unique things that our group will be taking over are small, green, stuffed bears made by the children of the parish. Hundreds of these small teddy bears were made by the children at Nativity's annual Summer Spectacular in June. These bears have small messages in their pockets from the children of Nativity and they will be distributed to the children of the orphanage and the surrounding rural areas of Nigeria. The group also did this last year and the bears were a huge hit with the children. These bears serve as a great link between the children of Nativity and the children we are serving in Abuja & Jos. This time next week we will be touching down in Aubja...

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