Friday, December 19, 2008

A Year of Patients

We have just received some updates as well as recent statistics from Dr. Chris at Faith Alive Hospital in Jos. Also, it appears that Dr. Chris, Mercy, his family, and the Faith Alive Hospital staff are all safe following the violence in Jos over the past few weeks. Below are the updated monthly patient visits to Faith Alive Hospital:

January: 10,481
February: 12,378
March: 11,963
April: 13,978
May: 17,440 (state wide strike)
June: 10,749
July: 14,173
August: 11,998
September: 13,106
October: 11,287
November: 11,796
December: 11,769

January: 14,365
February: 10,729
March: 11,233

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