Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter at Faith Alive Hospital

The following is an Easter message from Dr. Chris Isichei, his family and the Faith Alive Hospital community recently provided through Hope for West Africa Foundation:

"At Easter, we are reminded that our Lord and savior Jesus Christ left all the glory in Heaven and came down for wretches like you and me. He had our interests and did not desire us going through eternal condemnation. It also reminds us of many persons all over the world who are through His grace having this same mind in many ways.

They have not allowed race, distance, color or different qualities to prevent them in making great differences in the lives of many - especially the less privileged and persons living with HIV/AIDS.

The brethren at Church of Nativity, under the exemplary leadership of Rev. Fr. White, Hope For West African Foundation under the great directional leadership of Mrs. Diane Blatner, other organizations, churches and individuals immediately come to mind. I have personally tasted their love and will say that they have taught me how to have and show that having the interest of others has eternal value and reward.

We send our Easter greetings to you all. May the resurrection power continue in our lives, homes and careers to His glory through great interests in others that will lead and sustain them in our journey to Heaven."

Photo 1 : Women from Faith Alive Hospital Counseling Staff and Sewing School
Photo 2: Faith Alive Hospital community children
Photo 3: Dr. Chris Isichei, Dr. Mercy Isichei, and their children.

Thank you to Hope for West Africa Foundation for providing the photos.


IndigoChild said...

Fantastic. Hope lives, God bless you all. Earthmother

Bradly Jones said...

Thanks for the post. I'm on my way back home and needed some good news. Hope lives.

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