Friday, August 8, 2008

First Week under the belt

The Jos group spent another exciting day at the Faith Hospital today, assisting other doctors, helping in the Lab, and observing TB care. The morning got off to a great start, when our group was asked to share and lead the Discipleship class. For Discipleship class, the teacher selects a Bible passage which explains a general theme. For today's class, we selected to read Second Acts: Chapter 2. We talked about the Holy Spirit and how it is essential for those desiring to be a disciple. The class really enjoyed the selection, and had alot to say after our lesson. The class learned that disciples use the Holy Spirit to spread the word of God, and that when you speak about God it is the Holy Spirit empowering your words. The selected passage also discusses the importance of one language, the word of God as told by the Holy Spirit. We used our own experience of Nigeria to help hammer this point home. Nigeria as a country has about 280 languages within its borders. This makes communication very difficult for its own people at times. We as American volunteers, also do not know Hausa (the local language) fluently either, making communcation very difficult for us as well. In this way, since we are both adhereing to the word of God, we are speaking the same language, that of the Holy Spirit. The class loved the lesson and has asked us back Monday morning for another class.

Back in Abuja, the Orphanage group has been working hard around the Compound helping the Sisters with many of the chores around the Orphanage. One day, the group hauled Chicken and bags of rice to shelter for storage. The group has also conducted various forms of Outreach. For example, today the group helped weigh and feed many small and malnourished children in the neighborhood around the Orphanage. Yesterday the group helped feed a leper colony in the afternoon. The food given out, is prepared by the Sisters at the Compound, and later delivered to the various communities. The group wants me to report that the 4am wake-up call has been rough each morning, but that the group is faring well and enjoying their time.

Well as we speak, Jos here is getting rocked by another rain storm. We have experienced rain, thunder and lightning, atleast every day. On that note, we'll talk with you later! Thanks for reading!
Jos Group


Christopher, Sophia and Tony said...

Nativity Nigeria Team,

You sure appear to be very busy and it sounds like your experiences are very exciting. We just returned from mass. It is the first service we attended under the new format and enjoy it. There is a lot of innovation. We also observed a change that appears to be a touch of the traditional. Upon your return, you will find that these are exciting times back here. The parish is proud of what you are doing. Many have stopped and asked about your welfare. We look forward to you relating your experiences (and hopefully viewing many photos).


p.s. Mom, the beach vacation was a lot of fun. Beach vacations are not the same without you ( and not as much fun). Love, Chris and Sophie

Karen said...

Nativity Servants,

In your freedom you choose to serve God by becoming His servant in Nigeria. As you give of yourselves to these sick and orphaned people know that we are praying for you all. As you love them your capacity for love grows and God will continue to increase your blessing and capacity for Love. For everyone who has will be given more and he will have an abundance. Who ever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. Mat25:29


Hi Paul(Kowzan)and everyone else!
Paul, we have been trying to write to you but for some reason we could not create an account. So I asked Kristen and she gave us Nativity's info . Hope this message reaches you. Dad said someone told him you ate termites!
Is that true?!? We celebrated our aniversary the other night with the Andersons. We went the Prime Rib(no termites on the menu there.) Tonight Maureen, Paul, Grand Dad and Grand Dad's cousin Ginny and her husband Stan came over for dinner. We had a nice time. We ended up reminiscing and looking at photos of you and Maureen and Tom, Gordon and Andrew when you were little kids. Lots of laughs! There are lots of birthdays this month. Caroline's was the 5th, Aunt Angie's was
the 6th, Shawn's is the 12th and Linda's and Mugs' is the 16th. We can't wait to see you and hear about the experiences. We are having dinner here next Sunday for you. Don't forget to get a little something for Marsha. She asks about you everyday. New York was a lot of fun. Saw David Letterman Show, "Young Frankenstein", the musical, and went to the Orioles/Yankees game. We lost, but we had won the previous two games against NY. Love, Dad & Mom


P.S. To Paul K.-- Michael Phelps won a gold metal last night in the 400 I.M. Mom

Kym and Abby said...

We all have been wondering how you are doing I'm sure it's very hot there, but I'm sure that there are enough things for you to do there that will keep your mind off the heat. We'll be interested to find out what things are like in Nigeria. Tim told his teacher that you were over there. We're all very proud of you and what you are doing. We won't be home the day you get back to Baltimore, because we are leaving for vacation that day. Shaun and I have planned a surprise for the kids and have kept it a secret since June. We finally told them about it on Thursday. Well, I'm going to let Abby continue this message, since she wants to tell you where we're going. Take care, and remember that we all love you.

Hi Grandpa!!!!!!! I miss you so much! I hope that you are having fun in Nigeria (even with all of the heat). We are going to Disney World the day you get back. We are really excited about it. Grandmom said that we are going to have fun there. We'll talk to you soon. I love you and miss you a lot!!